iOS Game, Squids, Announced for Animated TV Show


The cephalopod starring turn based physics flinging underwater RPG title, Squids was first released in October of 2011. Throughout that time and since acquiring over one and a half million players, the series has had several updates, ports to Mac, PC, and Android, a full fledged sequel (Squids Wild West) a comic book published by Ape Entertainment, and now the latest endeavor from The Game Bakers, a team up with Frima Studio and Moonscoop to create a full blown Squids animated TV program.

The official press release stated that the series would focus on four squids and follow their adventures to stop the evil Baron’s flow of black ooze. So far this sounds pretty standard to the basic idea of the game, but it is currently unknown if the plots will follow the story mode of the game or explore new territory, or perhaps both. The four squids went nameless, but a personal guess would have me saying the stars will be Steev, Vahime, Clint, and Sammo. This opens the question if other major characters like Venus or Vesper will show up, or perhaps even the smaller characters like Kapono or Jammer.

Audrey Leprince from The Game Bakers had the following to say, “We’re confident that the Squids brand will shine on TV thanks to the highly capable teams at Frima and Moonscoop.” With Frima’s past clients including Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers, and Ubisoft, and Moonscoop’s world renown animation on smash hits like Code Lyoko, The Game Baker’s character’s and stories are just the icing on the cake.

Very little detail has been released on the actual program at this time. The only image revealed so far seems to show that it will be a computer animated program utilizing 3D models.

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