Ouya Kickstarter Ends With Over 8 Million Donations


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Last week saw tail-end of a month long drive for Android console hybrid Ouya on the popular Kickstarter donation site. The drive set a site-wide record exceeding its initial expectation of donations from some 8 million people. However, donations came in to a total of nearly $75,000.

“We thought the least a person could donate on the site was a penny, but we figured most people would be in the spirit to donate a bit more than that,” Project Designer Jared Little said in an interview with Piki Leak. “And it seems most people donated a penny and somebody stole about six thousand dollars.”

“I think we’ve been had.”

Ouya recently teamed up with OnLive, one of the most successful startups in gaming history, to bring the $99 console dream into a reality. Financial support from OnLive was to be expected but the sudden stratospheric rise of the company has left many wondering if OnLive forgot it even partnered up with Julie Uhrman’s Boxer8 Studios.

The console is expected to be open source running on a modified Android 4.0 scheme. It is expected to play the latest and greatest games including Final Fantasy III and Angry Birds: Green Day. Stay tuned to Piki Leak for our continuing coverage of this thing that is totally happening.

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