Skyrim’s First DLC Pack is Officially Titled Dawnguard



It seems as if Bethesda feels like we’ve explored all we can of the current content in Skyrim, as they’ve announced the game’s first DLC pack, entitledDawnguard. Unfortunately, the title and the world’s most nondescript picture of Dovahkiin were all that was provided.

As far as details go, we’re left with the rumors we had before, which include crossbows and Snow Elves. The name Dawnguard does have a bit of an elvish sound to it, though. Could we be heading back to Morrowind? We don’t know, but fear not, I’m sure somewhere there’s a team of crack internet scientists furiously scanning the hairs in Dovahkiin’s beard, looking for some sort of hint left there by Bethesda.

The (assumed) expansion is due to be released this Summer, and in order with previously announced timed exclusivity, will be making its way to the Xbox 360 first, with other platforms to follow at least a month after. More details were promised for E3, so we can infer that we won’t be seeing Dawnguard until well after the event in early June.

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