Today in Gaming: April 7, PAX East Day 1



Welcome to a special PAX East edition of Piki Geek TiG! Instead of going through the news, we’re going to briefly recap all of Piki Geek’s PAX content for the day – and let me tell you, there’s quite a bit of it.

So sit back, grab a rooibos tea, and hit the break. We’ve got some business to attend to.

Zach previewed Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor – while he enjoyed the game, the Kinect controls left… something to be desired.

Easily amused by brought lights, Chris U was immediately drawn to the Retro/Grade booth.

Dan decided to take a stroll on over to Bit.Trip Runner 2. He liked it. It was hard.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is completely ridiculous, if you couldn’t tell by the name. It has a bouncy butt you jump on, or something. You probably should read about it.

While everyone was busy being awesome, Dan decided to mow the lawn.

A Valley Without Wind takes procedurally generated gaming to a whole new level.

Two of our editors battled to the death in a cage match of Mario Tennis Open. Winner gets a free pizza, or so I hear.

Penny Arcade’s Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 is a 16-bit homerun, according to Dan.

The biggest shock for Chris U today? MOBAs can actually be interesting! Haha, just kidding League of Legends fans. Please don’t firebomb my house.

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