Final Fantasy XIII-2 Characters Get Prada Makeovers



Final Fantasy characters have been known to wear some pretty weird outfits, especially in recent incarnations of the franchise (how many layers and belts does a person need to wear?). According to the Wall Street Journal blog, Arena Homme+ magazine has decided to amend these fashion faux pas by equipping the Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters with Prada’s Spring 2012 collection.

Arena Homme+, a men’s fashion magazine from the UK, will be publishing a 12-page spread of characters like Noel, Snow, and Lightning wearing silk shirts, slacks, scarves, and blazers. Some preliminary teaser pictures makes the characters look like they’re going out for brunch at the country club, which maybe they do in between sequels. Also, the magazine managed to flip the feminization of their male characters, and made the girls look like boys instead. Which is probably why the images are so unsettling. They all just look weird. Check them out below.

Hope  LightningNoel  Sazh

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