Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC Announced


You just know this is a possibility.

Well, it finally happened. Bioware is going to change the ending to Mass Effect 3 after some mild consternation over it. Announced today via press release, Bioware has created free DLC that expands the ending through “additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes.”

Bioware and EA have both taken a considerable amount of flak over the ending to Mass Effect 3 with many claiming that it was extremely underwhelming and against the spirit the franchise was built on. It’s been all anyone has really talked about since the game came out, including Piki Geek. Amazon even started taking refunds on the game due to how much ire the ending drew from people. Hell, it was so contestable, it even launched a charity.

The DLC is said to be releasing in the summer for all platforms, free of charge. Curiously, the announcement claims the “offer expires April 12, 2014″. Whether this means you’ll have to pay for the content or it will be unavailable for procurement remains to be seen.

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