EA wins Worst Company in America for 2012


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EA dominated Bank of America to win The Consumerist’s Worst Company in America for 2012. EA defeated Sony, Best Buy, and Comcast before winning the title match by just under 30%.

The shutout is made a little less surprising by fan mobilization against EA. Bank of America is pretty abhorrent towards its customers, but EA kicked the hornet’s nest this year by angering video game geeks.

The internet was ablaze this year with EA hate after its treatment of the finale of the Mass Effect series, its decisions regarding the high price of downloadable content, and the sectioning-off of more vital parts of triple-A titles.

The Consumerist noted that although EA works in an industry that, unlike Bank of America, could be considered “nonessential,” EA’s treatment of game consumers was not any more acceptable.

Last year EA wasn’t even in the running for the Worst Company, leaving the games industry represented only by GameStop, who was steamrolled by Wal*Mart in its first bout. Bank of America lost to British Petroleum that year, so EA will have to wait until next year to try its hand at being worse than a company that literally murdered dolphins, should BP find a place on the bracket in 2013.

EA’s title is still no less impressive – EA defeated the monster-monopoly Ticketmaster, small-business-munching Wal*Mart, and pretty much every conceivable dastardly internet provider who likely had a hand in the Stop Online Piracy Act this year.

The Consumerist plans on delivering the not-so-coveted Golden Poo award to EA on their choice of three differently colored pillows, which is nice because EA won’t have to stress itself out about whether the Poo is actually the result of indoctrination and just accept the fact that the outcome of their thirty years of business has been a golden turd on a pillow.

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