Today in Gaming: March 29


Oh I'm sorry, did I break your formation

Welcome to a new week of Piki Geek TiG! What’s that, you ask? The TiG, or Today in Gaming, is a rundown of all the news that we didn’t cover.

Now, wait a second – why aren’t we directly covering these stories?

The answer is simple: we’re embracing our name! Piki Geek was never supposed to be a one-stop shop for gaming news. Rather, it was supposed to be a hub for outstanding feature, preview, and review content with the day’s most important news stories thrown in.

At the same time, however, we understand that it sucks to have to dig through a billion-thousand sites to find good gaming news – so we’re doing that for you. At the end of every day on Piki Geek, we’ll be throwing out a TiG to link to our other gaming friends so you could catch everything we didn’t think was necessarily newsworthy.

Sounds good? Awesome. Now hit the break and be amazed.

Ah, that which never was. Today Insomniac revealed 1080Pinball – an HD downloadable pinball title that never saw the light of day. The most realistic pinball game never made?

According to a researcher from Drexel University, hackers can steal credit card information off old Xbox 360 hard drives. Uh-oh.

Some Battlefield 3 players aren’t too happy about the inclusion of pay-to-win mechanics in the latest BF3 patch. The latest update lets players buy unlock packs that boost your in-game progression.

Speaking of patches, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was updated yet again. It now has a stun-gun. Yep. Have fun with that, terrorists.

It looks like would-be assassins are excited to run around 18th century America. Ubisoft is claiming Assassin’s Creed 3 is on track to set pre-order records.

Jordan Mechner has found the original Prince of Persia source code. As you can expect, he’s flippin’ out over it.

Good news! Dragon’s Crown hasn’t been canceled. It’s just been delayed, apparently.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet will be hitting the PC – wait for it – soon. Yep. No exact date… but soon. Deal with it.

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