Activision Inadvertently Confirms Black Ops 2 Rumors by Deleting Post



Activision all but confirmed rumors concerning the details of the still-unannounced Black Ops 2′s multiplayer when it deleted a post on the official Black Ops forums which listed details for the title. The post is still accessible using Google’s webcache, however, so the move thoroughly backfired and the outline, while not officially confirmed as true, seems to be very likely.

What do the details mean?! Find out past the break, Mason.

If the highly hypothetical list is to be trusted, Black Ops 2′s multiplayer will iterate on Modern Warfare 3′s Pointstreak system, with a greater emphasis on objectives. But, rather than the slightly-granola Battlefield 3 point distribution where everyone in the vicinity of an objective gets a share, it only seems as though the active bomb planter or flag capturer will get a point, with no extra points for defenders. The Specialist Pointstreak could also have been retooled for balance, and M.O.A.Bs may have been removed.

The adorable RC XD may not be returning, and could be replaced by a scope which can be attached to primary weapons to detect enemies through walls. It sounds a little overpowered, but maybe making wall hacks a feature will discourage potential cheaters. For five points, the outline says players will be able to drop in Item Packages which provide ammo, a mini gun, a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher, or body armor.

Subscribers to ELITE, Activision’s subscription-based premium Call of Duty service, should find it fully iterated into Black Ops 2. The list says that ELITE will track member’s stats separately, provide a special lobby for clan matches and a clan leveling system, and implement clan tournaments.

The list says that Black Ops 2 will make a few general changes as well. The Perk Pro system has been altered to give players greater choice by forcing them to decide between two potential Pro levels for their perks which cannot be altered until a player prestiges, which should satisfy players looking for more meaningful leveling in the game. Sniper rifles will no longer have aim assist, and in exchange will have less sway, which may force 360 no-scope fans to get a life re-learn the trade. Hardcore mode will remove rocket and grenade launchers, decrease respawn timers, and require players to take more lethal shots to kill other players. There will be a greater level of customization based on loadout choices, and map design will more closely resemble that of Black Ops than Modern Warfare 3. 

Naturally, nobody has confirmed the validity of the list, and as Black Ops 2 hasn’t even been announced, there is plenty of time for Treyarch to make changes. Consider this a list of highly probable features which may or may not provide excuses to either celebrate or go throw things at Activision.

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