Amazon Puts Silent Hill HD Collection Under Review



It seems like things are just getting worse and worse for Konami’s problematic Silent Hill HD Collection. The extremely buggy and lackluster porting has garnered a slew of 1-star reviews on Amazon for the PS3 edition, all with complaints about the various bugs from audio issues to graphical issues to textures to framerate and even more fun little problems.

In response, Amazon has placed the game under review to see if the game is up to snuff. This isn’t some automated message that pops up when over 50 percent of the reviews start getting 1-star, as Spore has shown. This only happens if Amazon gets a ton of responses specifically saying that a product is not advertised properly or is generally defective.

This whole situation is made all the more bemusing when one remembers what Silent Hill 2 and 3 were like when released: perfectly polished, relatively bugless and visually fantastic games. Somewhere between all the “improvements”, Konami went and turned that quality on its head and delivered one of the most unplayable products ever released. Destructoid has a particularly scathing review covering most of it.

It’s all the more puzzling when you take into account that the game was delayed two months, requires a 4GB install and has a 200mb patch available.

The Xbox 360 version is super by the way, thanks for asking.

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    Mohammad said Mar 26th 2012 9:37 PM

    Ya I bought the PS3 version yesterday and downloaded the patch and there’s still horrid framerate problems, especially with Silent Hill 3! Come on Konami WTF!? I have both consoles and chose the PS3 version SOLELY because I played the games on PS2 and thought this version would be the better one. I may just return it and try to get the 360 version from game stop!


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