Pseudo-protest at EA Montreal Over Mass Effect 3 Ending



An internal email has been passed around to employees of EA Montreal warning employees that some Mass Effect fans are planning on “having a good time” outside of the studios in some sort of protest to get BioWare to release a new ending to the latest entry in their best-selling sci-fi series.

The protest is planned to take place between 11am and 3pm. Interestingly, the email suggest that if there are few enough people, they will all be invited inside for a tour of the facilities and they are not to be dissuaded or chased away. How Valvesque.

If you haven’t heard, there’s been some dissatisfaction with the ending to the epic sci-fi trilogy, and fans have been airing their displeasures in all sorts of ways all over the internet. From reddit, to the official forums, to even Penny Arcade, there’s been quite a lot said about the ending and an overwhelming amount of it has been negative.

BioWare’s been taking the calm road recently, trying to be open with its fans and leaving the possibility of expanding the ending open but their PR Doublespeak has posed a bit too obtuse, claiming that the ending was done on purpose to make it polarizing. Except, you know, it’s been pretty much almost unanimous that people hate the ending. Enough so that Amazon has started taking back copies for full refunds.

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