The Kingdoms of Amalur MMO to be Released "Later in the Year"



Todd MacFarlane was recently interviewed by START and talked about everything involving his work with comics, movies, video games and how he came to be in all three. The most interesting aspect of the interview is when he stated that the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO will be released, “later in the year.”

It’s hard to fault 38 Studios with pushing the release of an MMO so quickly; the concept of an MMO appears to be the missing piece of Amalur’s puzzle. While Reckoning provided a solid single-player campaign, one of the biggest downsides was the lack of being able to along a friend.

It’s great to see 38 Studios being so ambitious with their Amalur IP. Reckoning is a pretty damn good game that’s made all the better when you consider that it was the first release from a game company (that happened to be founded by soon-to-be Hall of Fame pitcher Curt Schilling) based on a completely new IP. 

But when you hire R.A. Salvatore and Todd MacFarlane are your respective author and art-designer, you know that the finished product is something that the fantasy-nerds like myself, will love.

When more details are released about Amalur’s MMO, we’ll be sure to post them.

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