New Releases: March 11–17 (Daylight Scarings Edition)



Welcome to New Releases, your comprehensive Sunday guide to the coming week’s game releases. It can be tough to sort through the sheer volume of content from week to week, so fear not, Piki Geek has got you covered.

Better turn forward those clocks, because this week has got a pretty eclectic mix of releases to choose from. Leading the charge is Silent Hill: Downpour, the latest entry in the storied survival horror franchise. It is also only the first of three Silent Hill releases happening over the course of the next few weeks.

If you like keeping your pants free of bodily waste, there are some less frightening options available as well. One of them is the long-awaited Journey, the visually striking downloadable developed by ThatGameCompany that looks to be the PlayStation Network’s game of the year. Head past the break to see all of this week’s releases.

March 11th:
Mario Party 9 – Nintendo – Nd Cube – Wii

March 12th:
All Zombies Must Die! – Doublesix – PC

March 13th:
Silent Hill: Downpour – Konami – Vatra – Xbox 360, PS3
Journey – SCEA – ThatGameCompany – PS3
Ridge Racer – Namco Bandai Games – Cellius – Vita
Warp – Electronic Arts – Trapdoor – PC
FIFA Street – EA Sports – Xbox 360, PS3
Birds of Steel – Konami – Gaijin Entertainment – Xbox 360, PS3
Tales of Graces f – Namco Bandai Games – PS3
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations – Namco Bandai Games – CyberConnect2 – Xbox 360, PS3
Top Gun: Hard Lock – 505 Games – PC
Barbarian: The Death Sword – Anuman Interactive – PC, Mac
Yakuza: Dead Souls – Sega – PS3
Reality Fighters – SCEA – Novarama – Vita
Shoot Many Robots – Ubisoft – Demiurge Studios – PS3
Planet Crashers 3D – UTV Ignition Games – 3DS
Silverlicious – GameMill Publishing – CokeM Interactive – DS

March 14th:
Defenders of Ardania – Paradox Interactive – Most Wanted Entertainment – Xbox 360, PC
Shoot Many Robots – Ubisoft – Demiurge Studios – Xbox 360, PC
Azkend 2: The World Beneath – MythPeople – 10tons Ltd – PC
Warp – Electronic Arts – Trapdoor – PS3

March 16th:
Soul of Guardian – Wondershare Game – PC

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