Battlefield 3 Receiving a Trio of Expansions



After a period of silence DICE has made an announcement concerning three upcoming Battlefield 3 expansions:

In June, take the battle indoors with our new themed expansion pack Battlefield 3: Close Quarters! This will be followed by all-out vehicle warfare in Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, featuring the biggest map in Battlefield history.

Close Quarters, as the name implies, will focus on infantry combat within confined environments – something that contrasts with the expansive maps that the Battlefield series is famous for.

As the battlefield moves indoors, we will drop you into frantic and relentless infantry combat where the tight level design and vertical gameplay creates a highly competitive environment.

This type of design seems similar to Battlefield’s primary competitor – the Modern Warfare series – and will be an interesting change of pace. The expansion will include four new maps as well as new weapons, assignments, and dog tags. It will also have one week of PS3 exclusivity.

Armored Kill, expected in Fall, will feature “some truly epic all-out vehicle warfare,” according to DICE. We’re back to the open environments that Battlefield is famous for, with DICE boasting that the biggest map in Battlefield history will be included in this expansion. Adding to the fun are new drivable tanks, ATVs, and mobile artillery.

End Game is the third expansion, although not much is known about it so far. The name doesn’t suggest much other than perhaps some vague nuclear theme or the introduction of a new game mode.

DICE also briefly spoke during a GDC panel yesterday, confirming the launch of a “rent a server” program on consoles allowing players to rent and customize their own servers for online play.

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