XCOM: Enemy Unknown has Big Budget, New Trailer


XCOM Enemy Unknown trailer and budget talk

The revival of XCOM – the RTS, not the shooter – will have to endure a lot of obstacles, mainly the critical eye of a whole suite of fans. Mercifully, the game is getting big financial support from 2K Games, according to lead designer Jake Solomon, who insists the publisher went “all in” when funding development. The work seems to be paying off, according to the newly released trailer outlining gameplay, base-building, and what’s new about the series.

Solomon felt the need to describe the size and enthusiasm of the project after Julian Gollop, the game’s original creator, made the assumption that the title wasn’t getting a tremendous amount of financial backing. “We’ve been working on it for three-and-a-half, four years. It’s a big, big game,” Solomon told Eurogamer. “2K went all in with us. They definitely gave us everything we asked for. This is our attempt to make a very, very big budget game that spans all the platforms.”

What requires such a thorough financial foundation? Well, Solomon insists that the title is remarkably complex from a technical perspective and bringing all those functions back to life, in conjunction with modern features and engines, is quite a task.”People say, how come they haven’t made another XCOM? I can tell those people why: because there are a lot of really challenging elements to it.”

The game’s first official trailer explains a lot regarding what new elements were created and what has been reshaped since the original. Namely, the game has replaced the “time units” resource necessary for making movements and actions with a simple turn-based order system. There is also a much more complex and robust cover system.

All the changes can be seen in the trailer below. It’s exciting footage, whether you’re a fan of the original or just feel like you would have been had you known about it. Either way, there is a lot to see.

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