Assassin’s Creed 3 Xbox Product Page Reveals Online Co-op?


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So much Assassin’s Creed 3 news floating around! And most of it is leaked, which means Ubisoft needs to start looking for some holes. The newest culprit is Microsoft, which may have accidentally revealed that AC3 will have two to four player online co-op and two to eight online multiplayer. The information was posted on the Microsoft Xbox.com page for AC3, which has since removed the statement about online co-op. Luckily, Gameranx grabbed a screenshot before it was taken down.

As I mentioned, most other information we’ve gathered on AC3 has been leaked, like the promo art which confirms that the setting will be the American Revolution, Game Informer’s entire article on the game, as well as a handful of screenshots. The one thing that was legitimately released was the trailer, which confirmed everything that had been leaked. Whether this new slip-up is also legitimate remains to be seen, as neither Ubisoft or Microsoft have made statements regarding the post and subsequent removal of the online co-op feature.

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