Super Fighter Team to Release New Game for SNES


Nightmare Busters

Better dig that Super Nintendo of yours out of the attic. Publisher/ Developer Super Fighter Team will be releasing their next game, Nightmare Busters, for the SNES, Super Famicom, and all other compatible systems (we’re looking at you, Yobo Gameware).

Nightmare Busters was featured in a 1995 preview issue of Nintendo Power and was eventually released in 2004 on mobile phones as Flynn’s Adventure. The game is said to be a “masterful run and gun game” for the SNES and is projected to ship some time in 2013. Nightmare Busters will sell for $68 and will be the first title that the SNES has seen since Frogger was released on the console back in 1998.

Super Fighter Team is currently taking pre-orders over at their official site. The company
urges only “the most serious fans” participate in the pre-ordering process. Or, in their own words, “individuals whom are eager to play and enjoy the game and are therefore willing to patiently wait for its release date.”

Those of you who do decide to pre-order will receive the game (with full color label!), in box, with a full color manual in tow. The company assures us that the game cartridge will be manufactured from all new materials and that no existing game boards, cartridge shells, or boxes will be “recycled” into Nightmare Busters.

Super Fighter Team has previously released new titles for the Sega Genesis and Atari Lynx. The San Diego-based company has been bringing lesser-known classics to otherwise abandoned consoles since 2004.

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