Bungie Co-Founder Creates New Mobile Studio Aimed at Core Gamers


seropian leaves disney for new studio

Alex Seropian, one of the original founders of the development company responsible for the Halo series, is leaving his role as head of development at Disney to form a new studio called Industrial Toys. Joining him in the creation is ex-Dreamworks R&D manager Brent Pease. The company’s intent is to create a stronger mobile market for the “core” audience.

In the mobile world, games like Words With Friends and Angry Birds dominate the download charts. It goes without saying that the mobile audience can often be categorized as “casual gamers.”

But, studios like Epic and EA have managed to bring a stronger console-like experience thanks to games like Infinity Blade and Dead Space. Industrial Toys hopes to expand the mobile audience by utilizing combined experience and “some kickass art talent from ex-Marvel and DC guys.”

So far, the new studios founders have a serious pedigree of great games, especially considering that Seropian is the man behind Marathon, the original Halo, Stubbs the Zombie, and Myth. There is indeed a drive to get more gamers to play games on their phones, but competition will be tough with the existence of stronger portable devices like Nintendo’s 3DS and the newly launched Playstation Vita.

[via VG247]

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