Mass Effect 3 “Take Back Earth” Launch Trailer



Mass Effect 3 is a mere two weeks away from launch, though for Shepard junkies such as myself, that still seems like an eternity. Fortunately, there’s a fantastic demo to hold us over in the meantime, and now, one hell of an exciting launch trailer to go with it. The Reapers have come to town, and this all-CG trailer shows the devastation they cause, the force Shepard has assembled to fight them, and – wait, are those Makos?

As fun as the new trailer is to watch, for my money I still prefer Mass Effect 2’s launch trailer, which managed to do the job using only in-game footage, rather than CG. Call me progressive, but graphics are generally good enough these days to render CG obsolete, nor does CG ever paint an accurate picture of what a game is actually like. Still, the new trailer is a good way to kill a couple of minutes, so head past the break to check it out.

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