Alan Wake’s PC Version was Profitable in Under 48 Hours


alan wake pc repays itself in 48 hours

Releasing a PC version of a popular console title has always been a bit risky, but Alan Wake’s PC port has managed to do well. Remedy’s Executive Vice President Aki Järvilehto reported on the game’s forums that the ported game made up for the cost of converting it within 48 hours of release.

Alan Wake’s score on Metacritic is also fostering positivity about the release, as the score is approximately equivalent to the game’s original score when released on the Xbox 360. While this seems like a tame achievement, a duplicate score indicates that the port has accomplished its task without issue.

An issue-free release with good sales is the best case scenario for a project that was once completely scrapped. In early 2010, Remedy all but cancelled the attempt to bring the PC version to life, citing that the game was more suited for the console. Hopefully, this success will convince more developers to not limit themselves to the console in the future.

The follow-up to the first game, Alan Wake: American Nightmare, will be available this Wednesday the 22nd for Xbox Live Arcade.

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