Rocksteady Explains Arkham City’s Lack of Multiplayer



Very early on, Batman: Arkham City was rumored to have some sort of multiplayer content but in the end, it wasn’t present. Rocksteady Studio’s Sefton Hill explains that they wanted to have a fantastic single player campaign rather mediocre multiplayer and single player.

We did a brief bit of exploration of multiplayer at the start but it came down to that decision of picking the bases we wanted to excel in…That basically always means there’s things you can’t do in the same time. We didn’t want to deliver a single-player experience that was like a 7 or 8-out-of-10 with a multiplayer experience that was also that. Very early on we had discussions about multiplayer and decided it wasn’t right. It’s not that I think that, fundamentally, any kind of multiplayer doesn’t work, but I do think that, for any kind of action adventure game that has multiplayer, you have to think very carefully about it and how to get the best out of it.

While this may have disappointed some, I think Rocksteady made the right move here as they delivered one of the best game’s of the year.

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