This Week in Nintendo Downloads: Samurai Storm Edition



The Virtual Console remains quiet for yet another week, though 3DS owners can perhaps get excited about the potentiality of Sega’s Game Gear games showing up on Nintendo’s digital platform. In the meantime, this week offers some samurai swordplay, zombie slaying action, and a music video in glorious 3D.

Nintendo eShop Feature: Sakura Samurai

Princess Cherry Blossom has disappeared, and it’s up to you and your trusty blade to hunt her down. This sword-fighting game focuses on precision and timing, punishing clumsy blows and random flailing. Players can master a number of special strikes and defensive maneuvers as well as forge a stronger blade as they progress.

Nintendo DSiWare Feature: Go Series: Undead Storm

There are zombies, and they need to be killed, as is typically the case in games featuring them. This top-down arcade-style shooter features plenty of them to attack with a varied arsenal of weapons. The game also boasts multiple characters and local multiplayer capability for up to four players.

Nintendo Video Feature: Drown in the Now by The Crystal Method

We know the question on everyone’s mind: What would Sin City have looked like if it were full of robots? The Crystal Method answers this question with their music video, available for download for 3DS owners to enjoy in all the stunning splendor of the third dimension.

Also Available This Week:
  • Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: The Great Gateway Grab (WiiWare)

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