New Video Shows Off the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop for Skyrim



Okay, so January is officially over and we’ve yet to see Skyrim’s mod creator the Creation Kit become available. However, to soften the blow, Bethesda has released a video with a small overview of what we can expect when the Creation Kit and associated Steam Workshop go live.

Luckily for modders who’ve worked with Bethesda games in the past, the Creation Kit seems to have lot in common with its predecessors. There are some new features in there as well, such as a scene editor, dialogue view, and real time shadows.

Of course, there’s also the Steam Workshop, which will allow you to surf for new mods from the comfort of your Steam account. Finding the mod you want and clicking subscribe will conveniently download all of your selections next time you open Skyrim, and even keep them up to date.

You can watch the video and dream of your future Lord of the Rings total conversion mod after the break.

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