Sony Announces New Vita Bundle, Adds Onto Old One



Sony has amended their available PS Vita offerings to North American consumers to include a brand new bundle meant only for first-day purchasers. The “extremely limited” bundle will include an 8GB PS Vita Memory Card, an AT&T DataConnect Pass and an unspecified PSN game for $299 USD.

To sate those who already dropped their $350 USD on the First Edition Bundle, Sony will be adding an AT&T DataConnect pass with one free 250MB session and an unspecified PSN game upon 3G activation.

Looks like the 3G versions are starting to aggressively be pushed. I wonder if they’ll get price drops faster and steeper than the Wi-Fi PS Vita bundles too.

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    Jimmy said Jan 28th 2012 11:02 PM

    8gb is not enough


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