Ocarina of Time Has Been Recreated in Minecraft


hyrulecraft header

After seeing the real-size 1:1 model of the Starship Enterprise, you probably thought your days of being impressed by Minecraft creations were over. Not so, as a team of modders has created a full-scale recreation of the land of Hyrule as presented in Ocarina of Time. Dubbed Hyrulecraft, the trailer overview of the world is stunning and you’ll likely have a bit of nostalgia overload.

Though it is only in it’s Alpha stage, the core Hyrulecraft game has already rewritten what that word means. The map is fully available – though the functionality of the online component, which is planned to have full RPG elements such as quests and leveling – is planned to be completed by Fall of this year. More details are available on their project page over at Planet Minecraft.

Can we just talk about how insane this is? This is a thirteen-year-old, 256-megabit game recreated with a modern game engine, which uses simplistic block structure to make the original game look like it was made ten years earlier. The world of video games is an insane, wonderful place. Check it out for yourself after the break.

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