BioWare Teases Tiny Tauntaun Vanity Pets



Love vanity pets in your MMOs, but sick of having cold, heartless droids following you around? Well luckily for you Star Wars: The Old Republic will introduce warm, fuzzy tauntaun followers in its next content patch.

In an interview with Inquisitor’s Roadhouse, when asked about future pets being dropped by enemies instead of sold, BioWare’s Damion Schubert replied with “Absolutely!  In fact, some of these should show up in our next major patch!  I don’t want to give out too big a hint, but they smell kinda bad on the outside.” Incidentally, that’s the biggest hint he could have given. Go figure.

Schubert also added during the interview that they plan on rewarding vanity pets to all of the different playstyles, be it legacy level, social level, valor, etc. He also revealed that they’d be adding more pets to the game steadily with new content patches.

Hopefully with the addition of tauntaun pets we get the ability to shock people who make jokes about how they smell. Otherwise we’re in for banter that would make Barrens chat weep.

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