Brandon Sanderson Scripting PC/360 Adaptation of his Mistborn Novels



As he mentioned last night on his Twitter account, high fantasy author Brandon Sanderson is working on scripting the videogame version of his Mistborn novels. Not many details have surfaced about the game, but according to a post back in August, it seems to be a “sure thing.”

This appears to be his first foray into writing for videogames. In response to one follower, Sanderson confirmed the game is planned for both Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

While not working on his own books, Sanderson was chosen to complete the Wheel of Time series, which was perhaps the most influential epic fantasy since Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Mistborn is filled with plenty of  magic, political intrigue, lore and heist action, so I’m excited that he has taken a personal interest in overseeing its videogame adaptation. It will make another great entry into the argument that games can also be profound story-telling mediums.

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