Mass Effect 3 Kinect Integration Might Actually Work, Says Game Informer



Now, I know what you’re thinking. Pshaw, you say, Mass Effect 3 for Kinect? Kinect is for games with fuzzy-wuzzy animals and ill dance moves, not hard-core action/RP games! What can Kinect possibly add to the Mass Effect experience, other than a vague sense of gimmickry?

Actually, ME3′s integration with Kinect, which relies mostly on voice commands, may not be so terrible after all. It basically streamlines the experience of playing the bad-ass strategic commander.


To issue commands to your companions in combat, you simply point the reticule at the companion in question and command them to do something – instead of stopping combat to access the power wheel.

You can also use it to direct your companions instead of using waypoints, and to throw grenades or switch ammo. In other words, the Kinect experience keeps you in control while taking away the tedious gameplay aspects of commanding. As one reviewer explains:

It’s a very satisfying feeling to say “James, Carnage” and watch an enemy explode into several bits of flesh seconds later.

His verdict? Mass Effect 3 may not be enough to justify buying a Kinect, but if you already own one, “you may finally have a Kinect experience worth talking about.”

High praise, indeed. I’m going to enjoy seeing ME3 demoed with Kinect in those Microsoft stores that have started springing up directly across from existing Apple stores, oddly enough. That ought to raise the bar for rampant fanboyism, and who doesn’t love that?

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