Kid Icarus: Uprising to Feature Left-Hand Support via Circle Pad Pro



Southpaws rejoice: Project Sora developer Masahiro Sakura has heard your cries for action. His upcoming sequel/relaunch Kid Icarus: Uprising will allow for left-handed play through use of the 3DS’s Circle Pad Pro accessory. 

“The way we are using the Circle Pad Pro in the game is to provide support for left-handed gamers,” he stated in an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine U.K. “We’ve made it possible to use the right Circle Pad in place of the left one.”

The control scheme for Kid Icarus: Uprising has players controlling Pit with the circle pad and adjusting his aim and the camera by swiping the stylus along the bottom screen, not too dissimilar from the control scheme featured in Metroid Prime: Hunters. By attaching the Circle Pad Pro, lefties can instead use their right hand to move around while freeing up their dominant hand to use on the touchscreen.

Considering the nature of Kid Icarus’s control scheme, it’s a little surprising to discover that Circle Pad Pro support is limited to this sort of functionality, as an option to aim with the second circle pad seems like a natural fit. But according to Sakurai, he wasn’t even aware of the Circle Pad Pro until late in the game’s development:

I didn’t know the specs of the Circle Pad Pro, or what it looked like, until Monster Hunter 3G was announced, so we weren’t able to do anything big with it in the time we had. Even if we had known about it from the start, I don’t know whether we would have used both Circle Pads in that way.

There is still no official word on whether the Circle Pad Pro and the recently announced 3DS stand will be compatible with one another. For the sake of our southpaw readers’ wrists, let’s sincerely hope that they are, as anyone who put a substantial amount of time with Metroid Prime: Hunters will tell you how taxing that control scheme can be on your hands.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is set for release on March 23 in North America. The Gamestop-exclusive Circle Pad Pro will hit stores on February 7.

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