Future SWTOR Patch to Address Neutral Gear



The Old Republic has its fair share of issues, but perhaps the biggest of them all is the inability to play as neutral-aligned and keep up with gear. One of the game’s main draws is the ability to shape your character on the Light/Dark side spectrum. Doing so will net you gear unavailable to the opposite alignment.

However, if you choose to go neutral there is a sharp decline in gear in both stats and functionality. BioWare is aware of this and will be addressing it in the near future.

Game Director James Ohlen noted, “We knew with the light side/dark side system that there would be an urge, especially for min maxers, to go completely light side or dark side.”

He also mentioned that they will be adding in a “system for people who want to stay more in the middle. But that’s something coming up in a later release. It’ll let you play a ‘Gray Jedi’. Basically you don’t need to go to the extreme to get rewarded. You can have a different playstyle.”

Ohlen also mentioned that before they worked out the kinks of neutral gear, they had wanted to balance out the Light/Dark gear so that people wouldn’t pick a side just to have certain items:

We were careful about the rewards for Light Side and Dark Side as well.We don’t want to make them too impactful on the endgame because it would mean players wouldn’t be allowed to join an Operation unless they were absolutely Light Side and or Dark Side.

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    masterofunlocking said Jan 13th 2012 3:32 PM

    As much as I like the concept, the “inability to play as neutral-aligned and keep up with gear” is definitely not the biggest issue with SWTOR…

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      grimueax said Jan 13th 2012 5:01 PM

      You’re right. That honor goes to that Goddamned green glow I get whenever Mako throws a heal on me.


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