New Nintendo 3DS Hand-Helping Stand Announced



The brand new 3DS stand was unveiled via Twitter today by Kid Icarus Uprising director, Mashiro Sakurai. This is the second device the game has been announced to be compatible with, along with the Circle Pad Pro attachment.

The 3DS stand will allow gamers to comfortably sit their handheld at an angle as they blast away at Medusa and her minions. The stand will come packaged with the game in Japan but plans for other regions have yet to be announced.

Right now it is unsure whether or not the 3DS stand and the Circle Pad Pro can be used together, but it is almost certain that if they can, it will look ugly as sin. I for one look forward to Nintendo’s next silly hand-holding peripheral, perhaps a heated glove so your fragile fingers don’t get cold or a branded neck brace to ensure you keep good posture.

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