Retailers Willing to Share Used Game Revenue



Single use online passes are a fairly new trick by game publishers to deter people from buying used games. They haven’t exactly been well received by the gaming community, but considering publishers don’t see any of the money from a used game sale it’s not hard to see why they were implemented.

Numerous game retailers in the United Kingdoms think they have a better solution to the problem. 

A handful of retailers have said that if publishers were to drop the single use online passes, and were to offer them better business terms then they’d be more than happy to share some of the revenue from used game sales. Indie game retailer Gamespod was quoted saying, “As a retail store we would happily share part of the sale from a used game if we get something in return. Perhaps new games at better prices and no more online codes.” Even HMV, one of the largest retailers in Britain, said a deal could be struck .

It’s certainly an interesting solution to the problem, and could work out in everyone’s favor. 

[via: Destructoid]

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    WC said Jan 11th 2012 2:37 PM

    Can you imagine each publisher trying to negotiate a contract with each retailer? Because every retailer has to be onboard in order for this to work.

    Otherwise, the codes don’t go away.

    Of course, part of that contract could be providing new codes to the retailers of used games, if they’re onboard.

    I don’t see these things going away, though. Just getting more complicated.


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