Shank 2 Trailer Has Both Blades and Blood


Shank 2 trailer

The stylized and heavily animated side-scroller beat-em-up sequel to Shank, aptly dubbed Shank 2, has a new trailer. The footage sticks purely to gameplay and features stabbing, slicing, taking hostages, and point-blank shotgun blasts that reduce enemies to a fine red mist.

Though the reviews of the original Shank weren’t unanimously positive (with reviews on Metacritic ranging from 75 on the PS3 to 67 on PC), no one denied the appeal of its crisp and fluid animation. While flaws in other aspects were not ignored, numerous reviews glowed about the visual style.

According to the official Shank blog, the previous title sold over 400 copies after its inclusion in the recent Humble Indie Bundle. Shank 2 will have to compete with those numbers when it’s available sometime in 2012.

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