Star Wars: The Old Republic Has Launched, BioWare Has Big Plans



The wait is finally over. That’s right – Star Wars: The Old Republic launches today, after an excruciatingly long development cycle. BioWare is putting their full weight behind the game, according to James Ohlen, the game’s creative director.

“Unlike a lot of other game companies that, once they launch a game, downsize their teams radically, our plan is to keep the team together and continue to focus on building content,” Ohlen said in an interview with Gamasutra. “There’s no secret project currently being done in the Austin studio,” Ohlen continues. “We’re very much focused on Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars for the foreseeable future.”

Greg Zeschuk, BioWare’s co-founder, shares Ohlen’s sentiments, saying, “It’s hard to say right now what we may or may not do as far as future projects. We’re really busy working on future SWTOR content as well as continuing to improve the service. This will never end.”

Ohlen then went on to reassure fans that BioWare would be supporting the game no matter how many or few subscribers it attracts, and that they have contingencies in place either way. He explains, “There are different levels of success and we have all the different models built out. While we want to be super-successful, we also need to plan for not hitting all our targets. Can we then still be profitable? Yes, but it will take longer. While I can’t give away exact numbers, I can say that we have plans for super success in the millions of subscribers… and then we have plans for if we have a much smaller subscriber base.”

In a moment of clarity that I wish BioWare could convey to their overlords at EA, Ohlen also stated, “I don’t think it’s healthy for our team to be constantly comparing ourselves against another game. Especially since there’s room in the market to have two big MMOs.” I really couldn’t agree more.

As for our own plans for the game here at Piki Geek, we’ll have a review, but not right away. A game like The Old Republic can not be rushed or properly assessed in a few days, so instead, we’ll be bringing you a series of updated impressions from multiple perspectives leading up to our full review. In the meantime, a number of us are situated on the Dark Reaper server and plan to form a Piki Geek guild. Stay tuned for more details as they become available!

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