YouTube Celebrity Freddie Wong Blows Stuff Up for Battlefield 3


freddiew bf3 commercial

Known for his gun-heavy and often game-inspired videos of special effects mastery, freddiew shares with us the commercial he made for Battlefield 3. According to Freddie, EA came to their infamous band of video misfits to create a commercial, a vision of what Battlefield was like for them. They went with the ever-popular game technique of… well, I won’t spoil it for you.

It apparently took the team a little over a week to film the commercial, though some of that may be due to their work on their upcoming webseries, Video Game High School. If this video wasn’t enough for you, try one of Freddie’s other popular video game-themed videos, like the recently posted Halo-spoof Master Grief or the gruesomely satisfying Minecraft Massacre.

Hit the break for the full video.

[via RipTen]

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