Hunting, Killing, and Becoming in New Prototype 2 Trailer


A new trailer for Prototype 2 shows off some awesome new talents the protagonist will have in the new game. The game follows James Heller, a new character in the series, set to have revenge on Alex Mercer, the protagonist in the first game.

The trailer, called “Hunt. Kill. Become.” shows off exactly that. Heller has new talents his predecessor did not that aid him in hunting, killing, and becoming his prey, and it looks pretty awesome. Some of it looks pretty familiar too.

Hunting in Prototype 2 looks to be the lovechild of the energy-seeking pulse in Infamous and detective mode in the Batman: Arkham games. Heller sends out a pulse that bounces back information regarding location and status of his target. You can see your target from far away, or high above, and if you’re up close you can even see their intestines.

It looks like killing also takes a few hints from games that specialize in third person slaughtering. One method that fans of Assassin’s Creed might recognize is leaping from a tall building directly onto their target. Wherever the inspiration comes from, the tactic looks awesome.

To become a target is a series mainstay. The previous entry allowed the player to put on an enemy’s skin, so to speak, and infiltrate enemy forces. Heller will be able to do the same thing, giving him access to top-secret files and information, which will propel the story forward.

Helping the player in all this hunting, killing, and becoming, are bonuses which will give stat boosts or special powers. Included in these perks are the ability to jump higher, speed boosts, and a bulletproof hide. This trailer looks pretty awesome, and the story is slightly different. It might not be the best, but it could be a fun way to pass the time.

Prototype 2 hits the 360, PS3, and PC on April 24th.

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