Capcom Unveils Inferior Touchpad Controls for Vita UMVC3



So, apparently Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the Vita is getting some touchscreen controls.  I mean, why the hell not.  The screen is touch sensitive after all.

Why you would use these controls over the standard layout is beyond me, but here are the controls, which seem to me to be more convoluted than a stick and four buttons:

Attack – Tap (almost) anywhere on the screen*

Move – Drag your finger forward or backward, your character will follow

Dash – Flick your finger forward or backward

Duck – Drag your finger down

Jump – Flick your finger up

Assist attack – Tap a character icon

Character change – Hold your finger on a character icon

Hyper Combo – Tap the Hyper Combo gauge

X-Factor – Tap the X-Factor icon

Yeah.  Who in their right mind would want to trust a touchscreen for a game as precise as MVC3? The fact that you have to stop doing everything to tap an assist pretty much removes this as a potential alternative for serious players.

Now, Capcom, where’s that rumored joystick adaptor for the Vita?

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