Xenoblade Chronicles North American Trailer Surfaces



What’s better than Xenoblade Chronicles being released in North America? Not much, but a trailer comes pretty close. To go along with yesterday’s announcement, Nintendo of America has released a three minute trailer detailing gameplay mechanics.

In classic JRPG fashion, the trailer does nothing to explain the story. However, in its stead we get a look at many of the game’s mechanics. The game will feature a crafting system which looks like it will allow you to create weapon enhancements. From what I can tell, game will feature a talent tree like system but it’s hard to say from the brief glimpse you get of the ability tree.The combat system looks like a mix between Monster Hunter and the Tales series, though I can’t tell whether the battles take place on a separate screen or not.

Head on past the break to check it out.

Xenoblade Chronicles will be released this coming April for the Wii.

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