Microsoft and Verizon Partner to Bring FiOS TV to Xbox 360



Pretty much since its inception, Microsoft has dreamed that the Xbox 360 could one day be used as a be-all set top box. When they partnered with AT&T last year to bring U-Verse to the console, they took a big step toward making that dream a reality. Now Microsoft is poised to take yet another step in that direction, this time partnering with Verizon to bring their FiOS TV service to the Xbox 360.

Unlike U-Verse customers, FiOS TV for Xbox will not require extra hardware, only a FiOS membership and an Xbox Live Gold subscription. A dashboard app will be launching next month, offering 26 channels initially, with more to be added later. For existing FiOS customers, you can simply add your Xbox to your existing plan. For new customers, Verizon has got a special offer – signing up before January 21st will guarantee you a price of $89.99 per month (which includes TV, internet, and phone service), plus a year of Xbox Live Gold and a free copy of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

TV, internet and phone service tends to be pretty expensive, so FiOS TV on Xbox really is not a bad deal when you consider the speed you’re getting (35/35 Mbps). Anyone thinking about jumping on board?

[Via Verizon At Home]

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    guycom said Nov 29th 2011 3:55 PM

    yey! more features on xbox…that we have to pay for…yey?


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