World of Goo Comes to Android, $3 until December 5th



Physics-based puzzle game World of Goo by indie dev 2D Boy is available for Android at a discounted $2.99 until December 5th. This marks the debut of the game on the Android platform, meaning it is playable on tablets as well as phones. A free demo is also available for you to test the capabilities of your device prior to purchase. 

World of Goo requires players build structures out of goo to complete objectives for each level. Objectives vary from reaching heights or creating makeshift catapults, etc. The original WiiWare and Windows versions of World of Goo earned a Metacritic score of 94/100 and 90/100, respectively. The amazing soundtrack was composed by Kyle Gabler, who also designed, illustrated, and wrote the game. Check it out today! 

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    lucassmith said Nov 28th 2011 5:19 PM

    I love this game…may have to buy it again for my phone.


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