TF2sdays: Tamrielic Intervention Edition



It’s time to talk about a serious problem that’s been plaguing the gaming community of late: Skyrim addiction. While the numbers are still coming in from the field, it’s estimated that thousands are dead, and millions more have been left destitute by gamers refusing to budge from their system of choice and fully reenter the world*. Being caring, philanthropic types, we here at Piki Geek have developed a method by which we can ween you off Skyrim and reintroduce you to the vast landscape of games you’d shelved. Let us provide you the digital methadone you need to keep the cravings for that Skyrim high from taking over.

You’d call it a cure. We like to call it TF2sdays.

In fact, did you know the time you’ve spent in Skyrim was actually training you to be a better TF2 player? It’s true! Have you been rolling as a hulking mountain of heavy armor and two-handed axes? I’d like you to meet a friend of mine, the Demoknight.

“What about me? I played as a badass mage,” you ask. I’ll answer your question with another question: What is a Solider’s rocket if not the modern version of an expert-level fireball spell? If you’ve been enjoying the stealthy life of a thief, remember that spies get to stab stuff in the back, too. Personally, I fear for my K/D ratio as there are going to be so many snipers that have spent hours shooting a bow in Skyrim that when they get back to TF2, they’ll be gods with the Huntsman.

We’ll be getting started at our usual time of 9PM EST/6PM PST, and server info can be found here. See you on the battlefield!

* 100% of statistics in this article are complete BS.

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