Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta Begins November 30th



Valve has announced via Twitter that the beta testing for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will begin on November 30th. It would seem that you would already know if you’re in on this beta, as only current key holders will be able to participate for the time being.

In a later tweet, the developer said that current Counter-Strike players will be able to participate in a beta at some point in the future, though no date has been specified. For those loyal fans of the series it would seem patience is your best bet.

After the closed beta of around 10,000 players ends, the game supposedly will progressively open to more and more players as the game becomes stable. Once that is finished, the game should release. CS:GO is currently slated for an early 2012 release date, but no concrete date will be set until after the beta is well under way

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