Ubisoft and EA Reportedly Hard at Work on Next-Gen Console Games



Word is spreading via Edge Magazine’s ninja reporters that a number of major console developers have already moved on to the next generation of gaming. On the Microsoft side of the equation both Ubisoft and EA have reportedly received custom dev kits that feature off-the-shelf components that mirror those found in the 360′s successor.

Meanwhile across the ocean in the land of the rising sun, a major Sony-owned developer has moved past the PlayStation 3 entirely and is now exclusively working on titles for the PS4.

So far, only Nintendo has come out with any plans for the next console generation, although even then, the Wii U’s specifics seem to be in a state of flux.

Microsoft is expected to release their new console before Sony, with the Japanese giant leaning on the PlayStation 3 for a bit longer – similar to what they did with the last console generation.

It’s been less than a year since serious discussion of the next generation of consoles began in earnest. Could these recent murmurings be bringing us closer to the future of gaming, or are we still in the rampant speculation stage? Hit us up in the comments below.

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