Holy Delays, Batman! Arkham City PC Delayed Another Week



As Batman: Arkham City neared completion back in September, PC players received the disheartening news that they would need to wait until November 18th to see Batman in all of his PhysX glory. The 18th is just around the corner now, so strap on your utility belts and…wait, it’s been delayed again? Shit!

Yes, it’s true. We’ve received word from Warner Bros. confirming the new release date for the PC version of Arkham City – November 22nd in North America, November 23rd in Australia, November 24th in France and Benelux, and the rest of Europe on November 25th. While the delay is only one more week, it’s still discouraging for those who have had to sit idly by while their console brethren enjoy one of the finest games of the year. Here’s hoping this is the final delay.

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