DMC Interview Discusses Swordplay, Gunplay, Weapon Variety



In a recent interview with Japan’s Famitsu magazine, Mothide Eshiro revealed a number of details about the upcoming Devil May Cry series reboot – including the concept behind Dante’s redesign and a more technical breakdown of Dante’s demon/angel fighting styles.

Eshiro, a Capcom producer supervising Ninja Theory’s work on DMC: Devil May Cry, spoke highly of the value afforded by using a non-Japanese studio to create the game:

I thought it’d be best to leave that task to a team that understood what makes DMC fun while being able to approach it from a different viewpoint than a Japanese outfit.

According to Eshiro, this geographic shift lead to Dante’s (as of yet) poorly-received redesign. “We had Ninja Theory think about what Dante would look like if he was ‘cool’ from an overseas perspective,” he said. “He has to be appealing to Japanese people as well, though, so the current design is the result of several rounds of fine tuning.”

As for setting, this new DMC takes place in “the world as we know it” augmented by the inclusion of “a number of demons.” According to Eshiro, “Dante is being pursued by these demons, and when they find him, they try to bring him into Limbo.” This new setting and survival motivation represents an aggressive break from previous entries in the series which often followed Dante’s fratricidal or parricidal quests through sprawling demonic palaces, towers, and chateaus.

As usual the new DMC will feature a healthy mix of swordplay and gunplay, however the developers are “trying to implement a system that gives you the advantage of you use your guns wisely,” according to Eshiro. “We’re going to include a wider variety of weapons than just the pair of guns you usually have.”

What Eshiro means by this remains to be seen as previous DMC games occasionally featured alternative guns for Dante’s use. Perhaps he’s referring to the inclusion more diverse selection of guns than those found in DMC 3 or something other than guns – crossbows maybe?

Finally Eshiro spoke about Dante’s demonic and angelic fighting styles/forms:

Angel powers are mainly speed-driven and allow players to deal a large number of blows, you can also move around more quickly with them. Meanwhile, demon powers deliver a heavy punch with each hit.

He argues that the player can switch between these two power sets “in realtime” and that it lends the gameplay “much of its flavor.”

Eshiro closed the interview on the hopeful, albeit expected, note that Ninja Thoery “is working hard to ensure the play feel is the same. It’s a brand-new DMC born from the DNA of the rest of the series.”

If this game proves to be the well planned out syntheses of previous DMC titles, like Eshiro indicates, then this game will definitely win over my heart (even if I am still less than excited about Dante’s emo redesign).

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    pride said Nov 1st 2011 7:31 PM

    That’s not emo. That’s Goth circa 1994. I mean, Jesus, he looks like he was pulled right from an early 90′s Neil Gaimen comic.


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