Diablo 3 Has Console Team at Blizzard, Makes No Promises



Your dreams of playing Diablo 3 on your Xbox 360 or PS3 just might come true. Well, maybe. According to Joystiq, Blizzard’s Jay Wilson took the stage at Blizzcon and answered a fan’s question regarding a console version of the game. Wilson confirmed that Blizzard has hired a team to work on the console versions, but for right now it’s just glorified research. Blizzard doesn’t “want to announce something until [they're] sure.”

Of course, there would have to be some changes made to the console version. “The movement actually feels better on the controller,” Wilson said, “Targeting is the issue.” He also notes that, “Monster distribution and AI also feels a little bit different than it does on the PC version.” Reassuringly, Jay wanted to let everyone know that, “if it goes on a console, it doesn’t compromise the PC game in any way, and it feels like it was built for the console.”

So, what say you? Would you enjoy playing Diablo 3 with a gamepad on your favorite console? Or, would it be an affront to all that is PC gaming?

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