Burnout Crash! Coming to iPhone and iPad


EA recently announced that the latest mini-installment in the Burnout series of racing games, Burnout Crash!, will release on iPad, iPad 2, and iPhone 4 this winter.

Burnout Crash! was released just last month on the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. This spin-off derives its gameplay from a long-standing mini-game found in the Burnout series where the player crashes a car into a busy intersection in an attempt to cause as much monetary damage as possible. More puzzle game than anything else, this game mode noticeably stood apart from Burnout’s main racing title.

Burnout Crash, developed by Criterion games, features “three game modes, 18 traffic junctions, six locations and an eighties inspired soundtrack”. Graphically, the game takes well to the limited power of iOS systems with a top-down view akin to early GTA games.

In discussing this new release, creative director Richard Franke said, “The game’s super simple controls make it perfect for a mobile platform and it will give Burnout fans a chance to take the fun of Crash mode with them wherever they are”.

With this game mode being one of the most objectively fun elements in any given Burnout game, I know this game will find frequent play on my already out-of-date iPhone 4 in the coming months.

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    Blackpaw said Oct 13th 2011 8:14 PM

    if this is anything like burnout ds its gonna gargle balls


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