Binding of Isaac Patch and Demo Inbound



A few weeks ago, Team Meat unleashed the bizarre Binding of Isaac upon the world. Joystiq is reporting that  this Halloween, the game will be getting a large patch. This update will include over 20 new items, 3 new bosses, a new playable character, more achievements and a new “final chapter” for those who have already completed the game.

I’m still working on beating the game once, but this patch is great news. You want to know the best part though? It comes at the modest asking price of nothing.

“This final chapter should be a much bigger challenge,” McMillen said in an email to fans. “[The Binding of] Isaac will become exactly what I wanted to release but didn’t have the time to finish.”

If you still haven’t picked up this wondrous little gem, I have two things to say. First, what the hell (no pun intended) are you waiting for? Even though you should be dropping everything you’re doing right now and getting this game, I suppose I’ll mention something else. McMillen has released a small demo on Newgrounds. It features two of the eight levels included in the full copy.

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