Batman: Arkham City’s New Villain to Be Mad as a Hatter!



On the latest episode of Sony’s Qore, we were given a peek at the latest villain to be added to the Batman: Arkham City rogues’ gallery. None other than Jervis Tetch himself, The Mad Hatter makes an all too brief appearance. There’s a dirty screengrab thanks to NeoGAF, but if you want to get a better quality version and are interested in the whole video, definitely check it out. He’s only on for a second or so, but you can catch him around the 3 and a half minute mark.

Watch all the villainy goodness after the break.

Sefton Hill, the game’s director seems to be very excited about the game and clarified a few other features within it, including the new gliding mechanics. Now Batman can glide around nearly indefinitely by using his own falling momentum to rocket himself up. Hill admitted the team has wasted a good chunk of time just free-flying around Arkham City.

The other feature mentioned is the new surveillance mode. Apparently, players can “listen in” on gang members and super villains to be one step ahead of their plans and change play style accordingly.

Also mentioned was a bit more clarification of what the Riddler’s role in the game will be. It seems like he’ll be doing far more than just leaving holographic question marks all over the game. This time around, he’s actually kidnapped a bunch of people, and is placing them in strange and complicated torture devices. Like always, it’s up to Batman to outsmart him and save the people from various gruesome deaths.

Sounds a bit like the plot of a Saw film, but I’ll go with it, it could make for some tense gaming moments, if done correctly. Especially if the game continues on even if you let them die, with the Riddler taunting you for your failings later. I’d have to say the best news to come out of this video is that all of the gadgets accrued through Arkham Asylum are still with you! Only now you can upgrade them even further.

Even though Arkham City takes place a year after the events of last game, it would still be a pain – and a bit lazy – for the developers to make us get all of the items again. Thankfully, Rocksteady seems to know what they are doing, and October 18th can’t come fast enough. The once proud members of the PC Master Race will have to wait until November, sadly.

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