DotA 2 Beta NDA Lifted and Coming Soon(ish)



After Defense of the Ancients 2’s stellar introduction to the world, new events and information have been entirely absent. Sure we’ve seen all manner of leaks in the form of sound files, screen shots, hero icons, and an extremely creepy new valve intro, but we can’t say that Valve has really given the public (or the media) any solid information on the current state of the game. Fortunately for fans of all things Pudge and Kunkka, a post was made by IceFrog on the official DotA 2 blog stating a number of really awesome things for the immediate future.

Hit the break for the low-down.

Following Valve’s straight forward tendencies, the blog post gives us an inside look on what the mindset of IceFrog’s development team and the plans for DotA 2 testing. After The International, the plan apparently was to give the game a good amount of time to catch up to the status of the original DotA in the form of heroes and updates.

However, because of the insane amount of feedback, it seems that they’ve decided their first strategy was not the best method of attack. In rather blatant terms, IceFrog said, “So we decided our original plan was dumb.” This sentiment has apparently evolved the state of DotA 2 into something we, the public, can expect to see soon.

With this new plan, they’re working “to take the current version of DotA 2, which has The International set of heroes, and get it out there as fast as we can.” This will be followed by a closed beta stage in the (hopefully immediate) future. IceFrog states that they’re going to keep it invite-only for a short period of time until they iron out some kinks.

But what about coverage? Well, with the NDAs lifted, we can expect to see all manner of coverage coming from different fronts. This also means that we can expect to see a ton of streams from the players that are already involved into the beta.

If you want a chance to get into the forthcoming beta, then make sure you’ve opted-in on the DotA 2 site, signed up for the GosuGamers competition, or posted a picture for the PlayDotA contest. Each of these gives you the chance of getting a key!

If you want to watch the game, check out Twitch.tv for a bunch of DotA 2 streams by the folks who are lucky enough to be in the game.

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